Floor & Furniture Finishes

Oils & Waxes

AURO produce a selection of oils, waxes and 2-in-1 oil wax finishes suitable for floors, furniture, worktops and other wooden items. 

The range includes floor oils that only require a single coat and oils that limit any changes to the wood colour. Products are suitabke for diy use or professional use, with and without flooring machines.

Varnish & Lacquers 

AURO produce a floor grade varnish and a choice of clear lacquers suitable for woodwork including internal doors, furniture and craft applications. 

Lye & Soap

Lye and soap work in combination to provided a popular Scandinavian style pale white finish similar to the Dinesen look.

There is a lye for hard wood and one for soft wood, these slightly lighten the wood and prepare it for the soap. You can choose standard wood soap or an extra white pigmented one, both will lighten the floor but the white gives a lighter finish.


AURO produce a choice of water-based or oil-based wood-stains to provide colour and protection to timber inside and out.

Available in the more popular water-based with virtually no odour and emissions or in the oil-based Classic range. 

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